Baked Barista has proudly partnered with Ruby Little coffee roasters, bringing you an exceptional coffee experience every time.

Grown in the heights of south and central America, Ruby Little comprises two origins that together create a beautifully unique cup.

A Flavour rich blend that honour the work and land in which these coffees are nurtured. 

Ruby little can be enjoyed both black and with milk

Ruby Little… Coffee excellence, community and shared experience.


We lead such busy lives with work and family, that it’s all too common to live unhealthy lifestyles. 

What we eat has a direct impact on the way in which we function and how we look. We create wholesome food, ready meals with nutritional ingredients designed by chefs and nutritionists who work collaboratively. 

Baked Barista is a healthy diet packed full of fresh breads, lean proteins, wholegrain, nuts, seed, fruit n vegetables. 

The menu consists of seasonal, cultural bowls that represent diverse flavours from regions in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and modern Australia.

A variety of freash, healthy sandwiches, ciabattas and wraps will also be on display. 

Breakfast will consist of a selection of pastries, breads, chia + fruit cups, granola cups and old school jaffles. 


People are our bread n butter. 

From the faces we serve every day to the young minds that are hungry to explore the possibilities of a career in coffee and food service.

Baked barista is a brand developed for the next generation, that have a genuine passion for coffee and food, those select few that want to partner with us to further develop their skills and be a partner of baked barista.



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